An Alternative to a Community Easter Egg Hunt

Just because we are being socially distant doesn’t mean we can’t bless our neighbors! This Easter identify a family or two you can encourage by hiding easter eggs for their kids. How cool would it be if another family hid some Easter eggs for your kids to find in your own yard! This is a great way to love on some Crossroads families, and also a wonderful way to reach out to our neighbors. Here’s how we can do it:

1. Ask first. Make sure you double check with the family you want to egg and make sure they would enjoy it. Also check for kid allergies and family preference in egg treats. If you prefer you can slip an ask card with your contact information so they can respond to you if they would like to participate.

2. Prep the eggs. Buy some plastic eggs and candy. If you can find the eggs that are already filled with candy that would be best. If not, then make sure you fill the eggs with individually wrapped candies.

3. Go egg their house! Hide the easter eggs in their front yard. The challenge level should be based on their age. Leave an encouraging note and if if the family is not already a part of Crossroads, make sure you leave them some information on how they can participate in our online services. Secure the note where it will be seen by the family (mailbox flag, inside screen door, windshield wiper, etc.).

It’s that simple. Let’s get out there and spread some joy in our communities!