Family Ministry Small Group Leadership

Discipleship is mission critical to the church. Jesus makes it crystal clear when he told his disciples in Matthew 18:19:

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…”

For parents, it is even more critical because they are called to disciple those closest to them. There kids!

Parents are called to be the primary disciplers of their kids. We believe that the local church should support parents on this mission. At Crossroads, we want to come alongside families in the discipleship process, equipping them to have greater influence in the spiritual journey of their children. One way we do this is by empowering partners to become small group leaders that serve kids from age 3, all the way through their high school career. By providing families with the opportunity to have their child loved and encouraged in their relationship with Jesus by someone outside of the family, we hope to see their personal faith walk enriched, and their love and desire for true Christ-following community cultivated. In order to be able to have this kind of impact in the lives of our families at Crossroads, we need you. We need people who have a heart for the next generation to step up to the plate and invest in children’s lives in practical ways. 

If this is something that you are passionate about, sign up here so we can start a conversation with you about what it looks like to lead a group at each phase.

Small Group Leader (SGL) Description

Preschool and Elementary SGL’s…

… have a heart for it. You love the Lord and have a heart for loving, supporting, and sharing the gospel with kids and their parents.

… are in it for the long haul. Building relationships with kids is essential to ministry, so this is a commitment for the whole school year. For every Sunday. If you choose to have a partner you have the flexibility to coordinate your schedules.

… are more than childcare. You are essential to ministry. Without you ministry would not happen! We will have the lessons and supplies prepared for you so you can focus your time and energy on teaching and building intentional relationships with kids. You are welcome to adjust and add your own personal flare to lessons.

… support the home. God has called parents to disciple their kids so we want to come alongside them to support that!  As a small group leader, you are partnering with parents by providing another positive gospel influence in the life of their kids.

Middle and High School SGL’s are…

… Spiritual. Our desire is to point our students to Jesus day in and day out.  This means that a small group leader must live the life of a Christ follower so that they can exemplify what it means to follow Jesus.  Having knowledge of the Bible and the gospel is crucial in being a small group leader. We support the parents in the discipleship process of their child. 

… Relational. Jesus developed relationships with his small group (the 12 disciples) and we model to do the same.  We don’t want to just show up once a week for an hour with our students, we desire to be in their lives! This means we want consistency from our small group leaders.  A one year commitment is asked of all small group leaders however we prefer our leaders move up with their students and lead them for multiple years. 

… Missional. Living on mission is something that is asked of all of our small group leaders.  Jesus left us with the great commission to go and make disciples, ultimately living on mission.  We teach students what it means to live on mission, which starts with the display of missional living from our small group leaders. 

… Invitational. A small group leader will teach our students to be invitational.  Jesus welcomed all who came to Him and we want to see this same openness with our students.  Teaching them to invite their peers is crucial in the role of a small group leader.