Let’s Talk

Week 10: Living With The End In Mind

Here’s a few post-service discussion questions to think and pray through. Grab a cup of joe and discuss with your spouse, your friends, your community group, your parents, your neighbors….really anyone! Just do it virtually or socially distant for now. We’ll be all together soon enough!

  1. What comes to mind when you think about the return of Jesus?  What emotions does it evoke?  Explain.
  2. Where does your thinking struggle the most when it comes to living a beautiful life?  Possible suggestions:
    Lies about your identity.
    Lies about God’s love for you.
    Lies from childhood that still have a lingering effect.
  3. What is Jesus asking you to do with those lies in light of the command to “think with sober judgment” and to “take every thought captive”?