Helping Kids Read and Respond to Scripture

There is so much out there regarding what a healthy “up rhythm” (devotional prayer, scripture reading time, ) looks like for our 1st through 5th graders! Much of what is out there is either VERY over their heads and need major parent involvement, or is so simple it does not reach the kids where they are at developmentally. It can be difficult to find that middle ground!

One way that we are reaching this middle ground is by giving kids a framework for reading and responding to scripture that is developmentally approachable for elementary kids. Each Sunday in Base Camp (in person or online) we teach a story or passage from the Bible. Kids will receive or can download a home guide that summarizes the teaching and gives you kids four ways to respond to scripture.

  • Draw it!
  • Journal it!
  • Read it!
  • Pray it!

Each one has a specific prompt related to the scripture passage. This framework is effective because it allows kids to relate and respond to scripture on a deeper level, but also helps kids who might not be strong readers or writers from getting bogged down and discouraged.

Each week, there will be a key verse that would be a great weekly memory verse for your kids to also memorize.

To see an example home guide click here. Each week we will have home guides available for download along with a fun Bible story video related to the home guide at