An Update

It’s been a while since we’ve shared details about our COVID-19 plan, so here is an update about how we are responding to the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Our first service (9:30am) on Sunday mornings is a “face covering required” environment. This allows those with compromised health situations to attend in a safe manner. It also provides a public gathering opportunity for those who are sensitive to the spread of the virus.

If you plan to attend at 9:30 – or if you bring your children to campus for our Children’s Ministry offerings at that time – please wear an appropriate mask or face shield at all times while on campus. (Thank you for your sensitivity and participation.)

Our second service (11:00am) on Sunday mornings is a “face covering optional” environment.

During the 9:30am service, Lobby Overflow seating is available, should you desire to utilize that environment – whether for additional distance from the crowd, or for other personal reasons.

During the 11:00am service, Auditorium B (the old auditorium) is setup as video overflow (currently also a “mask optional” environment).

As always, you can watch our services each Sunday morning right here on our website, through our apps, or via Facebook Live, Periscope, or YouTube. You can also find a “Lighthouse” near you, where you can worship and discuss in a small relational community. (Or if you’re sensitive to in-person gatherings at this time, you can join our weekly Virtual Community Group.)

We are currently discussing how these plans may change after the new year, so stay tuned here for the latest as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

See you Sunday!