Let’s Talk

Promises – Week 3

Here’s a few post-service discussion questions to think and pray through. Grab a cup of joe and discuss with your spouse, your friends, your community group, your parents, your neighbors….really anyone! Just do it virtually or socially distant for now. We’ll be all together soon enough!

  1. Has anyone ever dropped everything just to be with you in your hour of need? Share about that time. 
  2. Share about a time when you sensed God’s presence in the middle of your day. What was that like?
  3. Do you struggle to “draw near to God” when you don’t feel his presence? Why is that?
  4. What’s one way that you can “practice the presence of God” this week? (Is there a specific time of day that you can intentionally try to feel his nearness? Is there a particular relationship that you’d like to invest more time in, so that you both can sense God’s nearness together? Is there an activity that you can engage with a special focus on God doing that with you?)