Bibles and Devotionals for Kids

Devotionals for Preschoolers

There is a mountain of great children’s books for preschoolers that can help you engage your kids in God’s Word and Truth. Here are a couple of books to get you started.

Indescribable for Little Ones
By: Louie Giglio

Jesus Storybook Bible
By: Sally Loyd Jones

Tales that Tell the Truth Series
Series Published by The Good Book

Devotionals for Elementary Kids

You want to find devotionals that help engage your older elementary aged kids in their interests, helps stretch their understanding of who God is, and help them understand who God says they are. In Base Camp, we provide a weekly devotional tied in with what they are learning. It is a great place to start when trying to help your elementary kids build in a rhythm of devotional time. We give these weekly to kids as they leave Base Camp, and they can be found on our Crossroads Kids page. If your kids are wanting something more or different, here are some other great options.

Press Play: A Kid’s Devotional to Build Confidence that Lasts
By: Carlos Whittaker

By: Louie Giglio

Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God
By Marty Machowski

Know God: A 28-Day Devotional Experience for Kids
By: Lauren Terrell

Bibles for Young Readers

If your child is just learning how to read or not as confident with their reading check out these Bible translations. All of these help leather bound, paperback, and hardback options available.

NiRV Adventure Bible

CSB Easy for Me Bible for Early Readers

Bibles for Older Elementary Kids

If your kids are competent readers, these options have great side facts and extra resources to help keep your kids engaged.