Ministry for Exceptional Individuals

providing a safe discipleship environment
to support your faith journey

Is your family looking for a loving, accepting church that meets all of your family's needs, including those of your exceptional child? Have you tried to get everyone ready and arrived at church only to be called out five minutes later because of your child's challenges?
Our Compass Team wants to be there for you! We want to help your child experience growth in their relationship with Christ. Our online form will help determine how we can best meet those needs. 


About our process.

Working with you, we will develop a discipleship program for your child in which they can have fellowship with their same age peers through a "buddy" emphasis that facilitates their level of spiritual growth. Should your child need less sensory input, we can meet that need as well. Our volunteers have met background checks and - just as importantly - have compassionate hearts to serve! 

Get started.

Are you ready to move forward? Please take a minute to complete our online form linked below. Then, a member from our team will be in touch to schedule a conversation to form an individualized care plan. 


Meet Marie.

Marie is currently serving as our Compass Administrator. She has years of experience teaching in special need capacities. Marie's compassion, experience and dedication to her students has earned her love and respect from both colleagues and care receivers. If you have additional questions, Marie is happy to answer them at


About Compass

"Compass" is so named because a compass is a tool that helps guide you along the right path. And just like a compass, our ministry exists to help families with individuals who have disabilities or special needs to navigate and thrive at Crossroads Church.


Birth - K5



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