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Saturday, August 22nd 6-9pm

Main Crossroads Auditorium

About the Movie

(from Wikipedia)

1971: at Durham, in North CarolinaAnn Atwater tries to get better housing conditions for poor black people, and is ignored by the all white judge panel. C.P. is the president of the KKK, and has a family with children. It's shown that he loves and cares for his family. Ann's daughter's school catches on fire (whether by accident or arson is unclear), and C.P. is afraid that the black children will come to the white schools. Bill Riddick sets up a meeting with the both of them, to arrange charettes to discuss segregation and other issues.

At first, both of them refuse since they hate each other, but then they are convinced. C.P. is a proud racist and refuses to even sit with Bill and Ann, since they are black and he is white....

This is an event hosted by Crossroads Church as a catalyst for racial reconciliation in our community.

The movie will begin promptly at 6:00pm, as its run length is just over 2 hours.

Following the movie we will have tables set up in our lobby for conversation about the film. Please plan to spend a little time after the movie discussing your next steps.

You will also be able to register for one of our "Be the Bridge" groups to take your learning further this Fall.

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Racial Reconciliation at Crossroads

We are committed to building bridges of trust and understanding in our culture. Educating ourselves on the issues of our day, and listening to one another's stories, are at the heart of this effort.

Find resources and join conversation groups to take your own journey further.