Read Your Bible Daily

Our aim is to bring all of God's truth to all of God's people. The primary way we do that is by equipping the church family with Bible reading plans.

The best predictor of future spiritual maturity is how faithful you are at reading and applying the Word to your life on a daily basis.

We advocate a simple method for reading the Bible and applying it to your life, called HEAR:

  • H - Highlight a word or a phrase from the selected passage that is personally meaningful to you today as you read.
  • E - Explain the passage in your own words. (To do this well, you might need to read a little before and a little after the passage, so that you see the bigger picture. You might also need to consult with some other resources. If you need help with this, we would love to talk with you - contact us!)
  • A - Apply the truth in the passage to your life. How does your lifestyle, attitude, habit, or action need to change to align with the truth in this passage? Clarify one action point you could take away from the reading that you can focus on in the coming days.
  • R - Respond in prayer. You do not need to muscle up in order to make that change. God wants to work in the midst of your personal application. He is the One who can empower that change in your life. Trust Him; and start a conversation with Him about that needed or desired change.

You can access our reading plan in several ways: