Chapin Facility FAQ

As a part of Greater Things (our building campaign from 2017-2021), we trusted God for the resources to Plant a Campus as we expanded at the St Andrews location. In that season we started the Chapin campus. In the fall of 2020 a group of approximately 50 adults began meeting and planning our efforts.

In February 2021 we began renting Abner Montessori School, meeting at 4:00p.m., and praying about the future stability of the campus. We began this year to meet on Sunday mornings, and God quickly multiplied the number of families who consider Crossroads Church Chapin their home.

In the last 9 months we have welcomed 40 new partners into fellowship at Crossroads Church who attend the Chapin campus. We consistently worship with about 100 people on a Sunday morning, including children who have already outgrown their worship space. Every week we continue to meet new people and new families who are looking for a church home in the area.

We are excited about the growth of this second campus, and we are eager to see what God will do once we have a permanent facility to call home.

Purchase price of the building is $775,000, which reflects a $120,000 gift-in-kind generously credited by the sellers.

The estimated renovation budget for the project is about $447,000. That includes both the conversion of the current multi-unit setup into a single worship space as well as all fixtures and equipment we require to operate weekly worship gatherings.

Total price tag is roughly $1,222,000.

We are asking the people of Crossroads Church to prayerfully consider end-of-year contributions to cover the down payment for the project (currently estimated at $200,000). We have already received gifts and pledges totaling $62,000 toward this goal.

Our bank has communicated a provisional loan of about $1M at 5 years 5.4% fixed, amortized over 20 years.

There is currently a rent-paying tenant occupying portions of the facility. The rental will offset income for at least the next 12 months, and is open to renewal pending our status at that point. This income currently offsets our monthly need by about $2,500.

We are currently paying about $2,000 per month to rent the school facility where we have been meeting. This puts our new out-of-pocket expense at approximately $3,600 per month plus utilities.

Our projected renovation timeline, pending closing on the property at the end of October, is roughly Easter.

Our goal would be to relocate the worship gathering at the Chapin campus to this new facility in the weeks leading up to Easter 2023.

105 Beaufort Street, Chapin, SC 29036

It is along the railroad tracks across from Sonic. If you have ever been to the Chapin 4th of July parade, the route runs in front of the building down Clark Street.

It is located on one of the original Chapin streets in the center of town.

We have been actively searching for the past 18 months for a permanent location for our Chapin campus.

Countless leads have been pursued from Ballentine to Little Mountain in that timeframe.

With the rising cost of land, construction labor, and building materials, the least expensive options we have found are upwards of $3M+.

New Elders FAQ

As our attendance grows at Crossroads Church we want to increase our leadership capacity to keep pace with our growth. One step we're taking is to add two new elders to our elder board. You can read more about each of the candidates below.

Chad Jones and his wife Leslie were 2 of the original 13 people who started Columbia Crossroads Church in Jeff and Allison Shipman’s living room. Chad was raised in the very small town of Nettleton, just outside of Tupelo, Mississippi. Although he was raised in church, he absorbed more of a cultural Christianity than a genuine relationship with Jesus. His personal relationship with Jesus began the summer after his 11th grade year, after sitting through a year-long Bible class in his public school with his CIU- trained teacher. Within 2 years of beginning his walk with the Lord, Chad felt led to move to Columbia and attend CIU in January of 1993. After graduating from CIU in 1995, he was introduced to Leslie through leadership in the College and Career ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church (which happened to be overseen by Jeff and Allison Shipman). He and Leslie later married in 1999...but there’s a lot more to that story. Chad and Leslie have 3 living children, Elizabeth (18), Graham (15), and Lily (12). Their firstborn, Reed, passed away from SIDS at 4 months old, not long after Columbia Crossroads was started.

Chad had many occupational roles through the years, some in ministry contexts but mostly in secular employment. He was a full-time Ministry Coordinator for a few years in the early days at Crossroads.
He also was the Director of Admissions for the Grad School and Seminary at CIU for a few years. He went back to school to become a nurse, then later a Nurse Practitioner. He is currently a Nurse Practitioner at Barnabas Medical Behavioral Healthcare, not far from Crossroads Church. Chad was significantly influenced by Jeff Shipman many years ago to mentor and disciple men, something that has continued to be a primary ministry for him for more than 20 years. After God began healing Chad from his own addictions, he has spent the last decade working primarily alongside men who God is raising up out of their addictions. In addition, ever since the tragic Emanuel Church murders in 2016, the Lord has had Chad on a journey to try to better understand and to play a part in helping address issues of racism within our culture and our churches.

Manny Licata was born in upstate New York and grew up in New Jersey. He grew up in a Christian home, being part of an Evangelical Free Church plant in his middle school and high school years. Manny accepted Christ at a middle school youth group fall event, when Christ’s grace became very real for him.

Manny met Jen, his wife, at Clemson, on a blind date! They have been married for 23 years and have three girls. Their spiritual journey together grew significantly when they started attending East Lake Community Church, another church plant in the Irmo area, that was meeting at Midway
Elementary School at the time. They both got very involved in student ministry and family ministry. Manny was drawn towards high school student ministry in a significant way during this season of life. Helping boys to
identify and be intentional with their own faith journey was a passion. After serving in student ministry for many years, Manny was nominated to the elder board of East Lake Community Church, where he served for 7 years. This was a season of stretching and significant growth in his life.

Through the Pazarena’s, who are close family friends, Manny and Jen became aware of Crossroads’ vision to plant a church in Chapin. After 14 years of attending and serving at East Lake and after much prayer, they started attending Crossroads in 2018 to be part of this church planting vision. Manny and Jen have a heart for hospitality and simple church, and they volunteered to host one of the lighthouse sites for families to watch the Crossroads service online when the pandemic hit. That lighthouse was one of the seeds that would spark the starting point for Crossroads Chapin. Their heart is in Chapin, and the opportunity to reach and serve that community.