Youth Care Team

Youth Caregivers exist to represent the healing love of Christ Jesus to youth who are hurting

What is Youth Care?

Youth Care is a caregiving ministry in our congregation in which mature, trained, and supervised laypersons, called Youth Caregivers, provide one-to-one, distinctly Christian care to young people who are hurting or facing life challenges. They utilize prayer, scripture, tactical empathy, reflective listening skills and the asking of good questions to help their care receivers share their stories, process their emotions, and connect more intimately with the God, who is the “Curegiver”. This is all accomplished while observing healthy boundaries and maintaining strict confidentiality and it is completely FREE.

What you need to know:

Youth Caregivers are not licensed professionals or healthcare providers. They are trained caregivers. Should the presenting needs be beyond the scope of their training, we will contact the parent(s) and request that additional services be obtained. Consent by a parent or legal guardian must be obtained prior to the provision of care.

Want to Help?

To talk with us about becoming a Youth Caregiver at Crossroads Church email